Friday, 23 November 2018

Gluecifer - Shaking So Bad

Friday and "Shaking So Bad"

Well, I'm not the best dancer, but I do not Shake so bad :)

"Shaking So Bad" is a tune by the Norweigan hard rock band GLUECIFER, a band that was formed in 1994, they produced several underground releases during their first years of existence and soon claimed to be "Kings Of Rock".

The tune is taken from the fifth and last album "Automatic Thrill"

In 2017 Gluecifer reunited for several festival shows in 2018 and reunion shows in their hometown Oslo, maybe some new material will come.


Biff Malibu (Frithjof Jacobsen) – vocals (1994–2005, 2018)
Captain Poon (Arne Skagen) – guitar, backing vocals (1994–2005, 2018)
Raldo Useless (Rolf Yngve Uggen) – guitar, backing vocals (1996–2005, 2018)
Peter Larsson – bass, backing vocals (2018)
Danny Young – drums and percussion (1997–2005, 2018)

Enjoy today's tune!

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