Saturday, 6 January 2018

Jabba - Mathlete

The Norwegian JABBA is the “the only rock band in Tromsø”, hails originally from the rural town of Sørreisa and have fought their way through the harsh street life of this unforgiving northern settlement with loads of perseverance and struggle. After 10 years of backbreaking labor they are now finally ready to release their debut album "Vice".

Bass, Vocals – Rolf Ole Rydeng Jenssen 
Drums – Lars-Erik Kroken Mikkelsen 
"Vice" offers up 8 tracks full of torrential rolling drums and heavy distorted bass that truly sound like the bastard offspring between MOTÖRHEAD and MELVINS. It’s a boisterous and adventurous record just as indebted to sludge and punk as it is to power pop or alternative rock. You could say JABBA’s inspirations are many and wide, from BLACK SABBATH to ZZ TOP, from BIG BLACK to PRIMUS, however their sound can be summarized in just three words: loud, harsh and riotous.

Today's tune “Mathlete” is taken from the band’s debut album "Vice", released through Loyal Blood Records on July 19, 2017. Official JABBA music video by Carl Christian Lein Størmer. “Mathlete" is all about math skills and troubled times. Hard work and uphill battles. Tough times and algebra.”

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