Saturday, 20 January 2018

Hypergiant - Perseus Arm

HYPERGIANT delivers heavy music from the edge of the void, Sydney to be more precise.

These fellows are named after the ultra-massive class of star, HYPERGIANT fuse the monolithic riffage of stoner rock with the intricacies of progressive metal to create a sound both colossal and nuanced.

Drawing inspiration from a broad range of artists, from the revered godfathers of the riff, BLACK SABBATH, to the modern behemoths such as MASTODON, SLEEP and BARONESS, with a hint of the psychedelic space-rock characteristic of PINK FLOYD and HAWKWIND, HYPERGIANT are steadily carving out a sound of their own from the molten sludge of these combined influences.

HYPERGIANT consists of:

Nathan Lee - Guitar & Vocals
Gordon Hammer - Guitar
Lachlan Davidson - Bass
Julian Moxon - Drums

Today's tune "Perseus Arm" taken from "Father Sky", released November 16, 2017.

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