Thursday, 11 January 2018

Helloween - I'm Alive

Category Four: 
(Nostalgia) is up for today, taken from the annual hard rock evening.

This was a pretty tricky category, hey Nostalgia, could be actually anything good from the history bank of your own life cycle. So I needed to think through this for a while, it took some time to set it. After a spin thru the record collection I found "Renegade" with THIN LIZZY witch struck me that this was actually the first record I bought with the band, I think it was around 84' or 85 when I found it in a sales bin at the Domus up in northern Sweden. Somehow the cover hooked me, the red flag and the band name THIN LIZZY with the album title "Renegade", cool cover and when I played the album I got in love with the band totally. "Renegade" is perhaps their most underrated and misunderstood album. Just listen to my choice of tune "Angel Of Death" and you will understand.

This category had a pretty mixed up line up as you can see below what the other had picked for this.

Other tunes that was played.

CANDLEMASS "Dark Reflections" - Cheif Rebel (Great Choice)
SODOM "Wachturm" - Holm (Unexpectedly)
HEATHEN "Open The Grave" - PÖbrink (Classic)
THERAPY "Screamager" - Hellan (Cool tune)
ALICE IN CHAINS "We Die Young" - MÖbrink (Another Classic)
BLACK STONE CHERRY "War" - Eriksdotter (Great Cover)
SEPULTURA "Desperate Cries
" - Sandström (Classic)
SLAYER "Necrophobic" - Sköldan (Classic)
" - Jens (Classic)
THIN LIZZY "Angel Of Death" - Stones

(Missing songs from two participants).

Today's tune "I'm Alive" by German power metal band HELLOWEEN, is taken from the second studio album "The Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I", released in 1987.

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