Friday, 12 January 2018

Frehley's Comet - Rip It Out

Category Five:
is up for this Friday, taken from the annual hard rock evening.

My choice was the classical space tune "Space Lord" with the American rockers MONSTER MAGNET, great tune with a amazing groove.

Other tunes that was played during this category was.

THE LURKING FEAR "The Infernal Dread" - Chief Rebel
FREHLEY'S COMET - "Rip It Out" - Holm (Great Space Classic)
CONAN "Battle In The Swamp" - PÖbrink (Heavy Stuff)
FREHLEY'S COMET "Insane" - Hellan (Another Great Space Classic)
FEAR FACTORY "Martyr" - MÖbrink (Metalic Martyr)
PAGAN'S MIND "Hello Spaceboy" - Eriksdotter (Excellent Spaceboy Cover)
WORMWOOD "The Universe Is Dying" - Sandström (Cool and odd Choice)
INFECTIOUS GROOVES - "These Freaks Are Here To Party"
 - Sköldan (Haha great Choice)
AVANTASIA "Lost In Space
" - Jens (This is more typical Jens tune)
MONSTER MAGNET "Space Lord" - Stones

(Missing songs from two participants).

Today's tune "Rip It Out" with FREHLEY'S COMET, great and classic space tune.

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