Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Skid Row - Slave To The Grind

Today it's time to present category two: (Summer) from the annual hard rock evening.

This category was actually pretty fun, Summer well that should be pretty easy to set. My choice fell on rockers CLUTCH and the tune "Electric Worry". Blues, Rock with an marvelous groove could easy be the most played tune during summer time for me.

Other tunes that was played during this category was.

SKID ROW "Slave To The Grind" - Chief Rebel
GUNS N' ROSES "Ain’t It Fun" - Holm
WITCHERY "Nosferatu" - PÖbrink
WOLFMOTHER "Gypsy Caravan" - Hellan
WATAIN "Sworn to the Dark" - MÖbrink
DEFTONES "My Own Summer" - Eriksdotter
DEAD LORD "Part Of Me" - Sandström
DANZIG "Dirty Black Summer" - Sköldan
SOUNDGARDEN "Black Hole Sun" - Jens
CLUTCH "Electric Worry" - Stones

(Missing songs from two participants).

Today's tune "Slave to the Grind" is the title tune from the second studio album, released on June 11, 1991. The tune was selected by Chief Rebel, Can't be king of the world, If you're slave to the grind. (The one and only tune to play when vacation starts).

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