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Ajattara - Lupaus

Monday, New week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

“One has to go to extremes to be able to get inside yourself. One must break constraints to know your abilities. One has to be independent to earn followers. You have to be strong to be able to keep promises.”

That speaks Ruoja, the front figure of AJATTARA, often called as the "most dangerous black metal band to emerge from Finland". These Six Finnish Santanic raiders make their way back towards rugged landscape of darkness after being adrift for six years in hiatus, they released their ninth full-length "Lupaus", on Svart Records on May 12th, 2017, a record that get the chance to be "Record Of The Week".

AJATTARA combine elements of black metal, death metal that play a style of melodic blackended metal not dissimilar to ROTTING CHRIST and to a lesser extent SAMAEL. The combined use of synthesisers and heavy guitar sounds give AJATTARA a distinct "grimey" sound. The lyrical themes usually deal with death, evil and paganism.

"Lupaus" lyrics are written entirely in his mother tongue, Finnish. The album starts of "Saatanan Sinetti", vicious drumming, furious squealing riffs, screaming vocals, a milling almost completely unstoppable wrath that sets the frame of mind for the album. "Ristinkirot" slows down the streaming flow of evil, groovy tune with a wall of drumming harmony.
"Suru" is a catchy piece with chanting choruses, clean vocals mixed up with gurgling screams and heavy and evil half paced riffs. "Sinä" here you will sink into the darkness where the way out no longer exists. Until they burst out in a vicious onslaught in "Amen" that follows by the pure evil tune "Ave Satana”, still catchy in all it's evilness. "Uhrilahja" goes with a more blackended rock, still with screaming vocals, evilness hides in the dark corners. The title tune "Lupaus" is a epic piece, where they use all the instruments and their musical creativity, progressive with catchy hooks. The album ends with the doomish melancholic "Machete".

Sum: Nothing is harder and cuts deeper than the Finnish language.

Ruoja (Pasi Koskinen) - vocals (1996-2012) guitars Kalmos (Vesa Wahlroos) - guitars, backing vocals Tohtori Kuolio (Juha Harju)- bass, backing vocals Raajat (Janne Immonen) - keyboards, backing vocals Tartunta (Mynni Luukkainen) - guitars Malakias 6,8 (Rainer Tuomikanto) - drums
Today's tune "Ave Satana" is taken from "Lupaus", enjoy!

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