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The Tallest Man on Earth - The Dreamer

After just over two weeks in Gothenburg and the fantastic festival Way Out West, by far the best festival in Sweden (Festival-wise) would have liked more of it a little harder goods to be musically satisfied, but job wise it is absolutely outstanding. To make a little bundling of my time there, I give you a small compilation of pictures and music experience and it all ends with a song of course.

Since I was stuck in Slottsskogen there was no club visit on Thursday, for my part started the festival on Friday.

The first artist that I managed see was "Christian Kjellvander" which climbed up on the Azalea Stage and just this afternoon, backed by a full band, he decided to make havoc with much of his own song catalog. The distortion is turned on max, its screams and squeaks and reminds some of "Neil Young" and it sounds absolutely fantastic.

Also had time to cast a quick eye on "The Avett Brothers," which sounds really good live, a little surprising, I must say.

Passed when "Janelle Monae" played, which later became one of the big talks on the festival area about how good it was, not really my cup of tea.

Missed completely "The Hives", heard them faintly in the background but was busy with other things. Unfortunately, the same with the "Fleet Foxes" that I only briefly, he cast an eye over. "Robyn" I saw a song, looked really good live, she is a true superstar and grow in their role for every show I've seen Sofar, had her on my stage last year at Popaganda.

In contrast, "Thåström" I got more of, damn good he is live, even if the sound was a bit poor in the beginning, but it does not affect so much on the whole, he is completely fucking awesome live.

 To end the evening with "Prince" is quite brilliant, the little man steps up and delivers a completely fantastic show and sing completely incomparable well, what a concert it became, i saw how lyrical the festival visitors was when they slowly marched out of the area.

A gig I had been looking forward to see where "The Tallest Man On Earth" but missed it, heard it was completely fantastic and this one i would miss ... poo! Did however enjoy "The Jayhawks" who made a good gig, a bit like that old man's rock, but it swung out well.

Saw a bit of "Noah and the Whale" in the meantime I tried the coffee at SJ, tasted as it is usually on the train:) The concert was ... hmm, erm, crap, I have forgotten it. But igot a picture atleast :)


A few hours later it was time for "Wiz Khalifa", a guy who raps on three things: smoking weed, girls and smoking weed with girls. Preferably your girl. Passed when a song called "Black and Yellow" was playing, wondering if the song is about Skelleftea AIK)

Ran into some pleasant acquaintances during the festival, a guy who usually work as a medic during concerts / festivals was there with her daughter, Private ... huh, exchanged a few words and took the opportunity to see two songs by "Pulp"

Like a limp puppet but focused as a rifle, did Jarvis Cocker dance on stage, (the man who showed his ass to "Michael Jackson") has played a grand British indie pop, and the crowd goes bananas, and what I heard afterward it was a successful gig.

The last night begins to take shape, darkness has fallen, I and a colleague are out walking a little and pass Azalea scene when (it is being said that he is one of the biggest DJ in the world) are on the scene, it's "Tiesto" that plays records, laser, intense lightingshow and a ledwall talking to the audience, like saying hello Gothenburg, etc., it is hard rhythms that is played, it's loud but very danceable, feel the inner-Party in the body vibrate, people dancing everywhere and I think how did I get here. Took a picture and walked on.

About an hour later it was time for the final at Way Out West and the last act will round off the festival, audiences sea in front of Flamingo scene is huge and you know how everyone is waiting to "Kanye Wast" to step up on stage. But a really impressive intro with beautiful dancer he turns up like a jack in the box along the front of the long runway that is built in front of Flamingo. Lots of smoke surrounding the "Scissor Lift" brand Genie as he is in, that he loves himself appear really here. It is grand, bold, and actually pretty cool. Stands for a moment and observe the spectacle before I go from there. Ports backstage for some reason and get stuck there, probably for safety reasons, it is time for the show's pyro to pop by:) to the devoted audience in the castle woods seem to agree that "Kanye West" conveys an astonishing epic number in Gothenburg.


Pyro time behind Kanye West!

 After two really nice game days, it's time for the torn of the festival, as usual, everything goes at a furious pace. Though Sunday's tear hindered in part by the massive rainfall that falls in Gothenburg, it is the flooding everywhere, in the splash it around and the only thing that was dry after this hell today was actually the socks, lucky that was properly equipped for the festival. Monday and Tuesday go as planned and now everything is basically gone and the park begins to look like a park.

Here is some random pictures from the site!

A Flying toilet wagon!

Packing the Police Barriers.

Should it not be the otherway around ?

The Show is over!

Pimped Morris!

Tractor driver Robert Holm trying to repair a damaged fence hedge.

 View behind Flamingo in the middle of the night!

A colleague in a good mood!

A pile of snow just like that.

Two volunteers safe guarding.

We round up by playing a song with "Tallest Man On Earth", aka Kristian Mattsson from Leksand, is a guy who writes songs, sings and plays guitar. Feels concept again? Well, maybe he seems in a genre where many paths are for trampled to feel exciting. With a delicate expressions and using very limited resources, the combination becomes clear as a bell. Critics have compared The Tallest Man on Earth to Bob Dylan both in terms of songwriting ability and vocal style.

The Tallest Man on Earth performs "The Dreamer" live in Studio-A at The Alternate Side.

More info @ Official The Tallest Man on Earth Website

And finally a big thank you to the festival management and everyone involved in building and torning down the festival area, and all volunteers who toiled dog for this festival to be possible.

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