Friday, 26 August 2011

Gösta Berlings Saga - 354

Yes then it was Friday again, a weekend with lots of music and one birthday party, as one family member having her birthday today, it is the smallest one that has lost her first tooth and turns 5 years. This is of course will be celebrated with both the cake and pink balloons, but we are waiting with that to Sunday when all her friends arrives, then we will have a full house of kids.

Music wise this weekend, oh thank you, there are lots of bands to see. If you are into some Laidback Jazzy style, why not take the boat to Gröna Lund and watch Bo Kaspers Orkester, or a mini festival in Sollentuna with Electric Boys and some others, or if you are into more popish stuff, why not visit the Indie Pop festival Popaganda at Eriksdalsbadet here in Stockholm that is going on for two days, I will be working there tomorrow, so more info about that on Sunday. We also have Dolly Parton on the Globe tomorrow. But last but not least, it's Saturday Wage Goes Pay Weekend(Lönelördag Goes Lönehelg), What We Do Is Secret & Fritz's Corner arrange a music event at the Strand, including Kurt Vile, Den Sista Viljan, Göst Berlings Saga and Bombus, unfortunately I will miss this, dastardly!

Today I intend to "kill two birds with one stone" and pick a nice song from What We Do Is Secret event at the Strand and Children liked fairy tales, so then Gösta Berlings Saga suits in perfectly:)

Gösta Berlings Saga was formed in 2004 by Alexander Skepp (Drums), David Lundberg (Fender Rhodes), Gabriel Hermansson (Bass) and Mathias Danielsson (Guitars).

The latest album, entitled “Glue Works” has more of a give and take approach to recording than their earlier works. Instrumentally much more captivating, with all kinds of unforgettable sounds the songs expands the bands musical universe even further. Compositionally the songs have become both more straight forward and more multifaceted when it’s called for.  Mattias Olsson was the producer and mix the whole album.

Todays tune "354" is taken from GBS latest record "Glue Works" It's a nice tune from this well-oiled quartet.

Gösta Berlings Saga - 354 - Sound only!

Here is a live clip, recently filmed at Trägården, Stockholm, Sweden

   Gösta Berlings Saga - 354 (2011) by gostaberlingssaga

More info @
Official Gösta Berlings Saga Website 
What We Do Is Secret

Sorry no Spotify on this tune yet :/

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