Monday, 15 August 2011

Valkyrien Allstars - Eg Vil Ha Deg

This Norweigian band is playing at Stockholm Culture Festival, on Tuesday at 9 a clock on the stage that is at Brunkebergstorg!

One of the most popular and cruelly swinging bands in Norway! The music has roots in the Norwegian traditional folk music, but with experimenting, mixing styles and genres, so they have developed their own sound. This makes the music both innovative and international. Tradition combined with urban and rocky expression. The texts are partly taken from famous writers, but also has some of the goals and to create their own expression. Valkyrien Allstars has its heart in folk music, but inspired by both the blues, jazz and rock.

2010 has been Valkyrien Allstars on tour in Japan and played at festivals in Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, China, Montenegro, Bratislava. Valkyrien Allstars is Livsdatter Tuva Syvertsen, Ola Hilmer and Erik Sollid.

Their new album is released in October 2011.

Here is their home site!

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Jensa said...

Detta är dritbra...!

Thetania said...

Japp det är det! :D