Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Joe Bonamassa - Slow Train

Im still in on Joe Bonamassa, He is so damn good!
He sings and plays like a god, and his feeling when he play blues is just amazing.
I met him last night, and his BCC m8 Derek Sherinian more on that on thursday Tune Of The Day :)

Did u guys know that Glenn Hughes comes from the same area as The drummer Jason Bonham, were they also got their name from, ´cos the group took the name "Black Country" from the English industrial area, but were forced to change their name to "Black Country Communion" after another band with the same name threatened legal action.

(The Black Country is a loosely defined area of the English West Midlands conurbation, to the north and west of (but not inclusive of) Birmingham, and to the south and east of Wolverhampton. During the industrial revolution in the 19th century this area had become one of the most intensely industrialised in the nation. The South Staffordshire coal mines, the coal coking operations, and the iron foundries and steel mills that used the local coal to fire their furnaces, produced a level of air pollution that had few equals anywhere in the world.)

Anyway, back to Joe Bonamassa, he was a great guitarist when he was 12 as well we have shown u the video b4 but here is the link to it again, its just sooo awesome :)

Sorry we post this to late but both me and Stones were caught up in a gig yesterday, that u will see more later on.

Blues to ya all, Thetania

Here is a video were he talks about how he came about, and a tune from The Royal Albert Hall. "So Many Roads"

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