Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hong Faux - Present Tense-Less

Hong Faux from Stockholm opened up the Graveyard the other day hehe, I mean they were the support act. A band that I actually looked forward to see live. Quarter to nine they walked on stage to a cool intro before it was time to kick off with the song "Blade" from their latest EP. The band played a six song set, three tracks that were new to me which was really fun to hear, and yes they were actually really good. A small note: Most of the crowd were there to see Graveyard and had probably never heard Hong Faux before. I could hear in both emotion and twittering that they actually liked the opening act. We did that in any case me, my colleague and Thetania (she was working, though).

It was a nice groove in the songs, well played and performed by the band, the vocals was great live and the sound was actually quite okay, If I should find something to complain about, then it was the light that was very weak.

They will do a show at 6/4 - Lilla hotellbaren, Stockholm, if i’m free that evening, then i will go.

Here is some pictures from the show, enjoy!

Todays tune is Present Tense-Less from the new EP, enjoy!

More info @ Official Hong Faux Website

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Patrik Nyqvist said...

Hong faux var riktigt jävla bra, en trevlig överraskning måste jag säga.

Anonymous said...

sv; jo jag blev själv paff över mina val. jag gick in för uppgiften!

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Återigen - bra bilder, och riktigt kul att bandet verkar gå hem så pass bra. Sweet!