Monday, 7 March 2011

GWAR - School's Out

A new band was released on Sweden Rock Festival.

Are they deadly monster from outer space, frozen in Antarctica for millions of years and thawed in the '80s thanks to the poodlerockers frequency hairspray emissions? Or "just" a band from Virginia USA, with a stage show even crazier than the music!?

Gwar released twelve albums since 1988, most recently last year's "Bloody Pit of Horror". The sound on these discs has varied, with elements of punk and experimentation on a Frank Zappa level, and of course brutal metal. It is the latter style of music that currently dominates Gwarsoundet.

Other important components of the concept is the mixture of explicit genital humor (be prepared for spraying liquid from the scene) and, indeed, political awareness. And "murder" of undesirable individuals - do not be surprised if a particular Mr. Lordi will be "executed" on stage during the Gwar Sweden Rock Festival debut. An experience you'll prolly never forget!
Here is a pic where they ripping Paris Hilton into pieces ...ahem..

The band has not played in Sweden since 1991 and this will be the only gig here.
Here is a old Alice Cooper tune. Folks, here´s Gwer.


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woodsmanfred said...

sv. Haft en galen downperiod... Men nu e jag tillbaka! Läget?

Stones said...

Skönt att du är tillbaka igen. Jorå allt är bra, varit lite mycket den senaste veckan bara.