Friday, 25 March 2011

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

The fact that a band can play so much as they did in the 70’s as Graveyard makes me very fascinated. Its like they never grew up and still lives today as they did back then.

This was the third time I had the opportunity to see them live, first time was when they were opening for Black Mountain at the Kägelbanan and the second time was when they opened up for Clutch at Klubben. Now again on Kägelbanan as the main act and the new smoking hot album number two in the luggage that was released the day before. Opening act this evening was Hong Faux this i will talk about tomorrow. Anyway, the evening got sold out, people even got rejected in the door, witch shows that the Graveyard Hype is for real. I notice that many journalists, rockstars, filmstars etc had found their path to come and see some old school rock. In the crowd were Titiyo, Witchcraft, Backdraft and i heard rumors that the brothers Herrey and both Rapace was there.

Graveyard just took over Kägelbanan totally, with their dirty 70´s rock. Oh boy, it rocked!!!! The music was like a groovy jam session that could continue forever.

Here is some pictures I manage to take yesterday, view the setlist, the 70’s way to do it (written on a napkin)!

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Åh, riktigt bra bilder. Nu ångrar jag ju att jag inte pallrade mig iväg. Senaste given med detta band är ju totalt briljant...