Thursday, 24 March 2011

Neil Young - Cortez The Killer

Last week, I got challenged in one of those blogathon. To be honest I am not particularly interested in that sort of thing, I run my own thing, you know.

Though sometimes, I just had to go outside the box, there is surely someone out there who is interested to know as well that this is quite funny thing even for myself to see what I would have chosen.

This thing is about whether one is locked up in solitary confinement only equipped with a stereo and im allow to take 5 records with me. As this was not something I had planned, so this will not be a dance in the park.
Given that my taste in music spans so many branches it will immediately be super hard.

Questions arise of course directly, how long will you be locked up, forever or?
What counts as an album, will it work out with a box?
Should it be for a long time and I had the opportunity to choose I would probably bring my Ipod with the best music I know, to make it easy.

Now I imagine that this is for a limited period, ex a few weeks / months.
I've been thinking, review my vinyls, CD's and found 5 records that could live with for a longer period of time. I choosed the CD's to make it easier. I cowardly crawl and only bring on the safe ones than to pick something fresh that might have time to turn sour during my stay.

But im trying to get a good span in all cases so that i can live with them without problems.

First up, have to be my household gods, Led Zeppelin.
Where i like to include as much as possible without taking the complete box that stands on the shelf.
So I chicken out a bit with a collection. I choose Led Zeppelin - Mothership, an album that covers all of the best tunes.

Second album is with Motörhead, No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith, that is one of the best live recordings made, it is incomparable driving album and it suprised me every time I play it.

Motörhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith (Deluxe Version with Bonus tracks)

The third one i choose is an Black Sabbath album. This was a bit tricky as there is so many good ones, but one that has been spinning alot lately is...

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell - CD (Deluxe Version with Live tracks)

Fourth is something completely different, a live album with Miles Davis.
Live Evil is a great and a bit odd and helps me to land on the ground if im lost in space. This is also the CD version with some bonus tracks.

The fifth and final record stood and weighed between Queensryche - Operation mindcrime and Neil Young's - Live Rust. Flipped a coin and the winner was Neil Young - Live Rust.

Now of course i have to pass this on to keep it alive and i give this to Thetania, Metallbibliotekarien Martin and Alexander, i was going to give it to Tom S but he is slippery as an eel.

Todays tune will be one of my choosen records and i pick Neil Young.
The Live Rust was recorded during his fall 1978 Rust Never Sleeps tour. The tune "Cortez the Killer" is a song orginally take from his 1975 album, Zuma. The song is about Hernán Cortés, a conquistador who conquered Mexico for Spain in the 16th century. "Cortez the Killer" also makes reference to the Aztec ruler Moctezuma II and other events that occurred in the Spanish conquest of the New World.

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ztizze said...

Intressant läsning :)
Ha en trevlig helg

Anonymous said...

Damn, nu ångrar jag att jag inte tog med mig Neil Young i min cell. Tror att isoleringen skulle vara i fem dagar btw, :P

Stones said...

Tack ztizze och detsamma du!

radiogirl, Neil Young är nästan ett måste.

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Hey, skön lista. Blandat, du klarar nog den mentala hälsan... :-)