Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hong Faux - Bad City Blues

"Does the World Really Need Yet another rock band from Sweden? The answer is - Hell yeah! Meet Hong Faux, a new band from Stockholm."

This is how the band starts their own presentaion on their website, clear as a bell in my opinion, you can never get enough of new music, especially if it turns out swinging so damn good as this does.

Hong Faux is a rock band from Stockholm, Sweden formed in the spring 2010, consisting of members from Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra, High Chao and Nutmeg.

Hong Faux´s debut EP "Novus Forum MMX" released in Nov 16, 2010 (Only Digital Version) Bad Boar Music, distributed by X5 Music Group and was released on Spotify, Feb 1, 2011

This EP moves in the landscape of the stoner / rock with influences of classic 70's fuzzy doom metal. A really good mix that I want to hear more of.
The EP, Initiates a little insidious with "Bad City Blues", a heavy grinding bass line and really nice guitar riffs. The vocals is brilliant and fits this perfectly. "Blade" is a more uptempo song, the song that starts with a guitar squeal before it kicks off in earnest with a catchy chorus and classic guitar riffs that are heavy and melodic. The EP ends up with a really strong riff track "Present Tense-Less" with a nice fuzzy melody.

Now I've played this EP on repeat all day and I wonder what fucking stone have they been hiding under. This is awesome and anyone who likes classic rock influences with stooner should get this immediately. Awaiting full length album with excitement, may yet become one of the year's highlights.

Their debut full length album is currently under production. I really hope that they will release this on Vinyl!

Hong Faux is:

Niklas Serén – Lead vocals & guitar
Björn Billgren – Lead guitar, clogs user
Johan Bergqvist – Bass & vocals
Daniel Israelsson – Drumkit, Chef

Upcoming Tour

24 Mar, Kägelbanan / Stockholm / SE (w/ Graveyard)
6 Apr, Lilla hotellbaren / Stockholm / SE (w/ Nutmeg)
7 Apr, Scharinska / Umeå / SE (w/ Nutmeg)
8 Apr, The Merry Can / Örnsköldsvik / SE (w/ Nutmeg)
6 May, Secret show / London / UK
7 May, Dublin Castle / London (Camden) / UK (w/ The Slide)

Todays tune is "Bad City Blues" with Hong Faux, enjoy!

More info @ Official Hong Faux Website

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Thorellssyndrom said...

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

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