Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rise Against - Help Is On The Way

Rise Against was in Stockholm, Annexet yesterday.
They played for 3.700 jumping and singing people.

One could really see that the group loved to play for this audience,
they gave it all and a bit more.

In the end Tim McIlrath, the singer, said "we just released an album and all that, but fuck it"....and then they played "Hero" Haha I loved that kinda attitude :D

They released that album the 15 of March this year its called "Endgame"
Pretty good album if u like Rise Against.

All of the group's members are vegetarians and active supporters of PETA, an animal rights organization. Their video for the single "Ready to Fall" contains footage of factory farming, rodeos, and sport hunting, as well as deforestation, melting ice caps, and forest fires.

The group has called the video the most important video they have ever made. The Director's Cut of the video was first made available to a PETA website. In 2009, the band was voted Best Animal-Friendly Band by PETA. In addition to being vegetarians, all the members of Rise Against, except drummer Brandon Barnes, are straight edge; that is, they abstain from consuming alcohol or using recreational drugs.
This is entirely fucking awesome, Love it!!!

Here are some of the pics Stones took.

The line up is as following:
Tim McIlrath on lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Joe Principe on bass guitar, backing vocals
Brandon Barnes on drums, percussion, backing vocals
Zach Blair on lead guitar, backing vocals

This is their tour dates:
Sunday 20 March 2011 VEGA Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday 22 March 2011 Phoenixhalle Mayence, Germany
Wednesday 23 March 2011 Palladium Cologne, Germany
Friday 25 March 2011 C-halle Berlin, Germany
Saturday 26 March 2011 Zenith Munich, Germany
Sunday 27 March 2011 Haus Auensee Leipzig, Germany
Tuesday 05 April 2011 The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, NV, US
Thursday 07 April 2011 Rise Against, Bad Religion, and Descendents with Four Year Strong, Long Beach Arena Long Beach, CA, US
Friday 08 April 2011 Rise Against with Bad Religion RIMAC Arena San Diego, CA, US
Saturday 09 April 2011 Rise Against with Bad Religion and Four Year Strong, at
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Francisco, CA, US
Monday 11 April 2011 Rose Garden Portland, OR, US
Tuesday 12 April 2011 Wamu Theater Seattle, WA, US
Thursday 14 April 2011 The Great Saltair Magna, UT, US
Friday 15 April 2011 The Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO, US
Saturday 16 April 2011 The Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO, US

And the list goes on....Click down here to find out all the dates.

The setlist from the Stockholm gig:

Okey Folks, Here is a tune from their new album.

Peace, Thetania

Same video, Better sound and better view...but with an irritatating text in the middle.

Wanna know more please click here!

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