Friday, January 27, 2017

Ironaut - Horned Goat

IRONAUT is a crusty blackened stoner rock band based in the City of Angels (Los Angeles), California formed in early winter of 2015 featuring Erik Kluiber (ex-guitar GYPSYHAWK and WHITE WIZZARD) on bass and vocals, Pat McHugh on guitar and Ivan Najor or drums. The trio began playing out as an instrumental band before Erik took over vocal duty in summer of 2016 and the group prepared to record it's first EP with producer Paul Fig (ALICE IN CHAINS, GHOST, STONE SOUR)

IRONAUTs self titled debut 5 song EP was released on CD and digital format December 1st of 2015 featuring the songs “Horned Goat”, “Yellow King”, “Acid Wash”, “Atomic Voyage” and “The Dead Look In My Eyes”. The band spent most of 2016 performing live around Southern California sharing the stage with acts including PENTAGRAM, THE OBSESSED, KARMA TO BURN, WIDOWER, BEASTMAKER, MONOLORD, HOLY GRAIL, FIREBALL MINISTRY, TAIPAN, BLACK TUSK, SWEAT LODGE, THE WELL, TAARKUS, MONOLITH, BLACKWULF among others.

IRONAUT released 2 official videos “Horned Goat” and “Acid Wash” on it's offical Youtube channel in early to mid 2016. After spending the winter and spring performing live, the summer months saw the band enter the studio again with producer Paul Fig to record 3 new stage-tested songs “Iron Vessel”, “Fire Eater”, and “My Little Girl”. The Iron Vessel EP has been released on for free streaming and a paid purchase download price of $5.

IRONAUT continues to write new music, perform live and release new merchandise sold online through

Cover art by David Paul Seymour.

Today's tune "Horned Goat", taken from IRONAUTs self-titled debut, enjoy!

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