Friday, January 8, 2016

Metal Church - Watch The Children Pray

Today we present category three (In The Shadow Of Big Four) from the annual hard rock evening that always occur on eve of Twelfth Night.

"In The Shadow Of Big Four" is a really a brilliant category. "The Big Four" is the thrash metal bands METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX. Here my thoughts went to the American act TESTAMENT, a band who easily could be in the line up of "The Big Four" or why not "The Big Five".

So my choice was "Over The Wall" taken from the album "The Legacy" (1987), a classic thrash metal tune from a classic band. But for today we choose a tune that "Magnus O" played, he had chose a band called METAL CHURCH, a band that I almost have forgotten, wow what a revival it was to hear them again and what a kick ass tune he picked.

This years line up of categories and my choices:

1. Joy of Play and Swing. - CLUTCH "Noble Savage"
2. Best finish/end song. - D-A-D "Laugh 'n' A ½"
3. In The Shadow Of Big Four. - TESTAMENT "Over The Wall"
4. Good although they sing in Swedish.
5. Best song from the 2015 best album.
6. God Save The Queen - Pay tribute to England with a song.
7. The song that represents the musical best decade.
8. Best right now

Here are a few of the other tunes that was played during this evening.

HARLOTT "Proliferation"
METAL CHURCH "Watch the Children Pray"
DR. LIVING DEAD "Eternal Darkness of the Fucked up Mind"
TESTAMENT "Alone in the dark" live
OVERKILL "Never say Never"
TESTAMENT "Down for Life"
KREATOR "Extreme Agression" live

Today's tune "Watch The Children Pray" with the American thrash, heavy metal band
METAL CHURCH. The tune it taken from the second full-length album "The Dark" released on 6 October 1986 and was the last album featuring the group's classic lineup of David Wayne, Kurdt Vanderhoof, Kirk Arrington, Duke Erickson, and Craig Wells. 1999's "Masterpeace" album reunited the former four, with John Marshall replacing Wells.

"The Dark" talks of somber themes, such as assassination, death, struggle, rituals, and the supernatural: the lyrics from "Line of Death", for example, were based on Libyan hostilities in the Gulf of Sidra. "Watch the Children Pray" became the band's first music video. The album was dedicated to the late METALLICA bassist Cliff Burton, who died nine days before its release. In order to promote "The Dark", METAL CHURCH supported METALLICA and ANTHRAX on the Damage, Inc. Tour. They also opened for KING DIAMONDx.

Tomorrow it's time for a tune in the category "Good although they sing in Swedish".
Enjoy today's tune!

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