Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Black Oath - Healing Hands Of Time

Today we present the last and eight of all the categories (Best Right Now), taken from the annual hard rock evening that always occur on eve of Twelfth Night.

This is one of the most funniest categories to do, here you get the chance to play something really good that you like and share it to the others and hopefully they will like it. My hand picked tune was "Malstroem" taken from the upcoming fifth album Nucleus by WITCHCRAFT.

Today's tune "Healing Hands Of Time" is a choice made by Robert G (Chief Rebel Angel) by the Superb Italian act BLACK OATH that delivers doom metal out of this world!

This years line up of categories and my choices:

1. Joy of Play and Swing. - CLUTCH "Noble Savage"
2. Best finish/end song. - D-A-D "Laugh 'n' A ½"
3. In The Shadow Of Big Four. - TESTAMENT "Over The Wall"
4. Good although they sing in Swedish. - SKRAECKOEDLAN "Cactus"
5. Best song from the 2015 best album. - TRIBULATION "Melancholia"
6. God Save The Queen. - ACCEPT "London Leatherboys".
7. The song that represents the musical best decade. - BLACK SABBATH "Supernaut"
8. Best right now. - WITCHCRAFT "Malstroem"

Here are a few of the other tunes that was played during this evening.

AMORPHIS "The Four Wise Ones"
BLACK OATH "Healing Hands Of Time"
NEVERMORE "Matricide"
ABBATH "Count The Dead"
HEART ON MY SLEEVE "Petticoat In Ashes"
ANTHRAX "Evil Twin"
OBITUARY "Inked In Blood"

Today's tune "Healing Hands Of Time" is taken from "To Below And Beyond" by the Italian band BLACK OATH, enjoy.

More info @

Official Black Oath Web

Sorry no Spotify on this one yet, will update up on release!

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3 kommentarer:

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Grym låt! 😃👍

Stones said...

Verkligen, så bra att jag beställde ett ex av skivan :) Tack för tipset.

Chief Rebel Angel said...


Vassegod. Kul man kunder "betala tillbaka" för en gångs skull!