Monday, 15 November 2021

Thåström - Dom Som Skiner

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

"Dom Som Skiner" (Those Who Shines) is the tenth solo album by the Swedish Rock icon Thåström.

The album is in a way an unusually intimate affair, largely played and produced by Thåström, his faithful studio companions Niklas Hellberg and Sanken Sandqvist and their machines. This is an album where he gave his magnificent backing band some vacation, and have reqcruited the drummer Per Eklund, guitarist Eddie Nyström, bassist Henrik Nilsson and on keyboards Stefan Brisland.

Thåström is the Sweden's best ever singer in my book, here he is more sore and more well-oiled than in a long time, maybe ever. His small and simple words turn into gospel for the soul. The record cover artwork is adorned with Hans Gedda's 70's portrait "The White Clown", he is also doing a brilliant duet with Titiyo on the tune "Papperstunna Väggar" (Paperthin Walls), FIRST AID KIT helps him with a little chorus on two tracks. The sound scape is not as massive as we have started to get used to with Thåström, here we get it served it more stripped down and layback, it's incredibly tight with some elegant stringes and sprinkle of electronics in a very beautiful way. The album opens up in the Bulgakov-influenced opening track "Södra Korset", beautiful chours with FIRST AID KIT that also sings on electronic "Isbergen". "Gyttjebrottaren" is a powerful synth story with a darker tone. The "Dom Du Behöver" is a brilliant song, with ingenious lyrics, wonderfully floating electronic shimmer. "Toledo", "Mamma" are the albums highlights, two ballads where we can sence the fragile and senstive Thåström and the jazzy "Stora Långa Gatan" where he surprisingly expresses appreciation for the Sandra's 80s hit "Maria Magdalena". The album is a impressive release from the now 64 old talented artist which matures like a vintage wine. A highly recomended album.

The nine tracks on "Dom som skiner" have been recorded in Berlin, Stockholm, Luxembourg, Karlstad and Flen.

The album is followed by a large Swedish tour with a premiere in Uppsala on March 18 with detours to both Copenhagen and Oslo and ends at Avicii Arena in Stockholm on May 21, 2022.

2022 Thåström "Dom Som Skiner" Live Tour
18/3—Fyrishov Multihallen, Uppsala
19/3—Saab Arena, Linköping
25/3—KalmarSalen, Kalmar
26/3—Brinova Arena, Karlskrona
01/4—Värmekyrkan, Norrköping
02/4—Conventum, Örebro
08/4—Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad
09/4—Huskvarna Folkets Park
22/4—Västerås Arena, Västerås
23/4—Magasinet, Falun
29/4—Väven, Umeå
30/4—Sara Kulturhus, Skellefteå
06/5—Scandinavium, Göteborg
07/5—Spektrum, Oslo
19/5—Den grå hal, Köpenhamn
20/5—Malmö Arena, Malmö
21/5—Avicii Arena, Stockholm
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Today's tune "Papperstunna Väggar" featuring Titiyo, enjoy!

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