Sunday, 28 November 2021

Grant-Lee Phillips - Winterglow

The Advent Sunday, also called the First Sunday of Advent or First Advent Sunday, among the Western Christian Churches, is the first day of the liturgical year and the start of the season of Advent.

On the First Sunday of Advent, Christians start lighting their Advent wreaths, and praying their Advent daily devotional; believers may also erect their Christmas tree or Chrismon tree, light a Christingle, as well as engage in other ways of preparing for Christmas, such as setting up Christmas decorations, a custom that is sometimes done liturgically through a hanging of the greens ceremony.

Every year our little neighbourhood is decorating the Christmas tree, building something with the snow that we don't have, lol. Well a good neighbour works at the local Ice Hockey Stadium so he brings in some snow. As you can see on the picture is a piece of our creation this year. The home decoration we usally do a few days before Christmas so you don't get totally bored with Christmas.

The acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Grant-Lee Phillips has unwrapped a new gift for the Christmas season: an EP of Americana-crooning holiday tunes, titled "Yuletide". The EP showcases Phillips' original "Winterglow" and some covers that Grant breathes new life into, such as Nat King Cole's "Take Me Back to Toyland" and Frank Sinatra's "An Old-Fashioned Christmas." The holiday doesn't end at Christmas, however, as Grant puts a spin on the New Year's staple "Auld Lang Syne," adding a topical new verse to inspire hope towards days of peace. This is the first time any of these songs have been available on vinyl. Pressed on green vinyl.

Trivia: Grant-Lee Phillips performed “Winterglow” on the Gilmore Girls’ “Year in the Life” winter episode. Fans of the TV show know Grant-Lee Phillips as the beloved Town Troubadour.

Today's tune "Winterglow" is taken from the EP "Yuletide", enjoy it!

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