Thursday, 27 December 2018

Harakiri For The Sky - Stillborn

"Arson" is the fourth full-length record by the Austrian metal band HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY. The band was formed in Salzburg and Vienna in 2011 by vocalist JJ (Michael V. Wahntraum) and multi-instrumentalist Matthias Sollak, formerly of black metal band BIFRÖST. They have released four studio albums – "Harakiri for the Sky" (2012), "Aokigahara" (2014), "III: Trauma" (2016) and "Arson" (2018) through Art of Propaganda.

"Arson" reaches the 5th place on the Tune of The Day's TOP 50 album list of the Best Albums 2018.

"Arson" is a powerful piece of music full of heartbreaking emotion, melancholy sadness, and depressing pain. A well-crafted piece that needs some attention.

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Today's tune "Stillborn" taken from "Arson", enjoy!

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