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Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

For twelve years, the music and film festival Way Out West – that attracts visitors from all over Sweden and large parts of the rest of the world – has filled Gothenburg and Slottskogen with three days of music, festivities and culture. The programme includes the biggest stars in the world, the hottest new-comers, film premieres, challenging conversations, great vegetarian food and a robust club programme called ‘Stay Out West’ that takes place at night in central Gothenburg.

The ground concept remains the same; over three days we create a cultural melting-pot in central Gothenburg and establish the main area in beautiful Slottsskogen. We create the festival that we would like to visit ourselves, and one that we don’t think exists anywhere else in the world.

This is Way Out West!

This is my eleventh year on this festival and for some strange reason, I long for it. Much depends on the fact that it is the world's best colleagues, a bunch that is well welded that it goes like a dance, everyone know what to do and help eash other out and makes things easier for eash other to conquer it. Even if I, is not a big fan of Indie, Rap, Hip Hop, Dance or the most common artists that perform on this festival, not even am I a vegeterian, but once a year it works out just fine. And as I always do every year around the festival, I play some tunes from the artists that is going to perform and as long as we go I add some cool pictures and I even might tell a story, we will see about that. So for the next week, 10 days I will focus on WOW - 18. First out will be british bunch of Indie Rockers.

ARCTIC MONKEYS is a English indie rock band that is playing on Thursday at WOW.

Today's tune "Do I Wanna Know?" is a song recorded by ARCTIC MONKEYS for their fifth studio album "AM" (2013). The song was released as a single on 18 June 2013, together with an accompanying music video, and afterward became available for digital download via iTunes. A 7" vinyl edition of the single was released on 22 July 2013, with a B-side titled "2013".

The song was first played live on 22 May 2013 in Ventura, California, at the first concert of the ARCTIC MONKEYS' AM Tour. Throughout the tour, "Do I Wanna Know?" was being played as the opening number.

Musically, "Do I Wanna Know?" is an indie rock song with elements of psychedelic music and strong elements of stoner rock and blues rock. In terms of both lyrical content and aesthetic style, the song picks up from where the band's 2012 single "R U Mine?" left off. The guitar riffs are strikingly similar, but the song is more downtempo. The track continues the hard-edged, rocking sound of their previous album Suck It and See. In concert, singer and guitarist Alex Turner use a Vox 12-string electric guitar.

Structurally, the song follows a common pop music "verse-pre-chorus-chorus" form up until its second chorus; from that point on, it follows what Hit Songs Deconstructed calls "a more unorthodox flow" ending in a "pre-chorus/chorus hybrid section". Falsetto backing vocals form an interplay with those of Turner throughout the song. Moreover, the title encapsulates the entire premise of the story, the narrator wondering whether he wants to remain in doubt or know if his feelings are unrequited or mutual. "Do I Wanna Know?" is in the key of G minor.

The music video for the tune was directed by David Wilson with animation agency Blinkink, was first released onto YouTube on 18 June 2013. As of July 2018, it has been viewed over 690 million times. The video begins with a black background and simple visuals of white sound waves (similar to the AM cover art) that vibrate in synchronization, first with the percussion and lead guitar, then with the lead singer, Alex Turner. As the band enters with the chorus, colored sound waves illustrate new voices. Simple sound waves then give way to fast-moving, representational line-drawing animations that morph between a variety of female, race car, race car engine, and road racing images. At one point, the undulating white line becomes the "trucker's Mudflap girl", seen in the single's cover art. The line drawings are interrupted several times with flashes of full-color animation, several that recall the surrealistic style of Robert Crumb. The increasingly complex video creates, by turns, a somewhat jarring and psychedelic experience, in a style not unlike the Gary Gutierrez animations that were featured in The Grateful Dead Movie (1977). The video ends with the familiar white line becoming two crossed checkered flags, which join together in a single line with the "AM" initials. Enjoy!

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