Sunday, 5 August 2018

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Let It Ride

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Let It Ride" is a 1974 single by BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE, written by Randy Bachman and Fred Turner, with the latter providing lead vocals. It was first recorded for the 1973 album "Bachman–Turner Overdrive II".

The tune was inspired by a traffic jam. The band was in their tour bus, on a highway, and were boxed in by a couple of trucks. When the bus and the trucks reached a rest area, the musicians confronted the truck drivers, who responded by saying the band should take it easy and just let it ride.

The song was covered by Canadian rock band BIG SUGAR on their 1998 album, Heated. It was also covered by Canadian country music group FARMERS DAUGHTER on their 1998 album "This Is the Life". Their version was released as a single in 1999 and peaked at #30 on the RPM Country Tracks chart in Canada.

In 2015, Canadian heavy metal band KOBRA AND THE LOTUS covered the song on their first EP Words of the Prophets.

BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE is a Canadian rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that had a series of hit albums and singles in the 1970s, selling over 7 million albums in that decade alone. Their 1970s catalogue included five Top 40 albums and six US Top 40 singles (eleven in Canada). The band has sold nearly 30 million albums worldwide, and has fans affectionately known as "gearheads" (derived from the band's gear-shaped logo). Many of their songs, including "Let It Ride," "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," "Takin' Care of Business," "Hey You" and "Roll on Down the Highway," still receive play on classic-rock stations.

Enjoy today's tune "Let it Ride", the clip is Live at Manitoba Prison, Canada, 1988 with

Randy Bachman (Guitar & Vocals), Charles Turner (Bass & Vocals), Rob Bachman (Drums & Backing Vocals) and Blair Thorton (Guitar & Backing Vocals).

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