Tuesday, 24 April 2018

1000mods - Claws

Last week I got the opportunity to see the psychedelic/heavy rock band 1000MODS from Chiliomodi, Greece, live in Sweden for the first time, a half full Kraken with most greeks in the audience, made this as a familiar reunion crowd, at least for the band. I got a very good spot in the middle, pretty close to the stage. The sound was pretty loud, but with a decent mix to keep the music well balance in the hall. Great tunes were played during the evening so I was pleased. The band looked to be in a great tour shape, I guess Hotels and not overnight in a van. The live show was interesting, great flow in the playing, good feeling in the riffs and a superb cover up when one of the guitarists got problems with his signal, continued with the tune and then jammed in the background until he was back in business again and it got time to start the next tune.

The Setlist was great, I like the choice of the tunes and the show had a perfect length.

Electric Carve
Road to Burn
On a Stone
El Rollito
Super Van Vacation

So here are a few pictures from the show.

Today's tune "Claws", first tune on the setlist and it's taken from second album "Vultures", released 2014, The clip if filmed live at Schoolwave Festival 2014, enjoy!

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