Saturday, 7 April 2018

Ill Wicker - Twelve Men

The Swedish ILL WICKER, progressive folk. "Untamed" is the second album. A tastefully composed album with great written stories.

ILL WICKER music is from the 60's and 70's England, it could be a combo of the classic INCREDIBLE STRING BAND in a combination of COMUS. Most of the tunes have a kinda pace with smashing drums and violent violins. The last tune on the album "Min Levnads Afton"/"Twelve Men" is based on Swedish folk tradition and have a slower approach, but very beautifully done.

ILL WICKER consists of:
Emil Ridderstolpe, Emma Lagerberg, Thea Åslund, Hampus Odlöw, Ebba Wigren, Adam Grauman

Today's tune "Twelve Men" is taken from ILL WICKERS album "Untamed" released by the Sign Records.

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