Friday, 2 November 2012

King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul

Halloween, a somewhat confused feast in Sweden, it seems like no one really has track of which day you should celebrate Halloween, so here in Sweden we are celebrating the whole week :) Today will my daughter go to an Halloween party at their school, so she will dress up as a real demon, pretty scary, actually I gave some suggestions about dress up's, such as King Diamond, among other creepy things, but they looked a little too scary!! I think I will dress up my self as the King and visit the party :) Anyway, I think todays tune has a perfect timing, not that I think that they will play this, but we can!

Todays tune is the title track from the concept album "Give Me Your Soul...Please" by King Diamond, it was released on June 26, 2007. The album's concept and cover art are both based on a painting titled "My Mother's Eyes." The black cat featured in the album is based on King's own cat, Magic.

In the July/August issue of UK metal magazine Zero Tolerance, Diamond elaborated on the themes of the album, being a story of two dead children, murdered by their father, relating their tale to him. He stated that cases of parents killing their children and then themselves were a large influence, citing such an incident which occurred in Dallas four days before the interview took place. Coincidently, Give Me Your Soul was also released the day after the highly publicized Chris Benoit double murder and suicide.

A music video was filmed for "Give Me Your Soul". Depicting King and his bandmates as ghosts, it tells the story of the girl and her brother being killed by the father.

At the beginning, a sister and brother are waiting in the afterlife. The brother is to go to Hell, so the sister decides to find another soul for him so that he can follow her to Heaven ("The Dead"). She takes off to a house in Neverending Hill, where King Diamond lives with his black cat, Magic ("Never Ending Hill"). The girl tries to contact him for help but she only manages to haunt him ("Is Anybody There?", "Black Of Night"). As the darkness grows, objects are moving on their own, lights flicker ("Shapes Of Black") and the temperature drops to freezing levels ("Cold As Ice"), and haunted by the body-less ghost with only a head ("The Floating Head"). King uses black magic to contact the girl ("The Cellar", "Pictures In Red"). She reveals that her father chopped up her brother with an axe, splashing her with his blood, then choked her to death before shooting himself in the head. The "Thirteen Judges" mistakenly think that the brother committed suicide, so she needs to find a soul free of sin for him ("Give Me Your Soul"). She wants Diamond's soul but, since she finds him full of sin when she gazes at him, he pleads her to leave and find another soul before sunrise ("The Girl In The Bloody Dress"). The girl decides to come to 'THIS house' (implying a visit at the listener's home) ("Moving On")

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Seance said...

Alltid mäktigt med inlägg om hans majestät! Musikvideon till "Give Me Your Soul" var mycket blodigare från början men de var tvungna att ta bort allt blod för att inte youtube skulle spärra den och tvinga folk att logga in på sina youtube konton för att se den. Hoppas Hans Majestät Konungen spelar i Sverige i sommar annars blir det Tuska festival i helsingfors närmast.

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Stones said...

Enligt de rykten jag har hört så blir det ett besök i Sverige efter årsskiftet så det är ju bara hoppas att det är sant.