Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Andrew Bird - Three White Horses

Tuesday, a day that was heavier than most, in terms of jobs, lots of balls in the air to be solved at once, but it is like that sometimes. Today it also has been pretty quiet musically, not so much rock, basically nothing if I'll be really honest .... huh, now I wonder ... am I getting old or is this normal??

A recorded that has been played during all the twirl today is the new record "Hands Of Glory" with Andrew Bird (an American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.). The first tune "Three White Horses" on the record, has really stuck like plastic padding on my forehead. His music follows the traditions of the fiddle and violin, but with pop-leaning arrangements covered with country tunes. His vocals has a bit of a storytelling approach, nevertheless he sings marvellous.

During his Growing up, Bird was surrounded by classical music. As a child, he was interested in Irish tunes and bluegrass. He also cites English and Scottish folk music as an early influence. His early jazz influences were Johnny Hodges, Lester Young, and Fats Waller. He has also had a number of classical influences such as Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, and Bela Bartok. Other influences included jazz, swing, calypso, and folk. Bird has stated that, at 22, he found a lot of indie rock and pop music repetitive and boring, but now understands it better.

Todays tune "Three White Horses" is taken from the seventh studio album "Hands Of Glory", released in October 2012 through Mom+Pop Records.


Nov 14 2012 Andrew Bird, Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy
Nov 16 2012 Crossing Border 2012, Enschede, Netherlands
Nov 17 2012 Crossing Border 2012, The Hague, Netherlands
Nov 18 2012 Crossing Border 2012, Antwerp, Belgium
Nov 19 2012 Andrew Bird, Amager Bio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 20 2012 Andrew Bird, Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden Dec 10 2012 Andrew Bird, Riverside Church, New York, NY, US
Dec 11 2012 Andrew Bird, Riverside Church, New York, NY, US
Dec 17 2012 Andrew Bird, State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, US
Dec 19 2012 Andrew Bird, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL, US

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