Thursday, May 27, 2010

Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

This is mine and Stones biggest and largest favorite group.
Led Zeppelin...This tune has a large portion of energy and emotions in it.

The video is from 1969
I was born and young, rock hasent really got to me yet.
Led just become stars, they formed the year b4.
The album "Led Zeppelin" was released on the same year, and this tune is #2
They almost always only had 4 or 5 tunes on one side, long and groovy tunes :)
This tune on the vinyl is about 6:41, thats what I call a song!!!

Page said that the album took about 36 hours of studio time to create (including mixing), and stated that he knows this because of the amount charged on the studio bill. Peter Grant claimed the album cost £1,750 to produce (including artwork).
By 1975, the album had grossed $7,000,000. Led Zeppelin met an interesting protest when Countess Eva von Zeppelin (granddaughter of Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, the creator of the Zeppelin airships) objected to the band's use of her family name and attempted to stop a March 1969 television appearance in Copenhagen. When the band returned to Copenhagen for a concert in February 1970, they were billed as "The Nobs" as the result of a threat of legal action from von Zeppelin.
She is reported to have said: "They may be world famous, but a couple of shrieking monkeys are not going to use a privileged family name without permission."

Put it on, loud volume and Close your eyes...

Peace, Thetania

Here is a video from the reunion Stairway To Heaven 2007.

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3 kommentarer:

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Bra val. Mycket bra val.
Kan dessutom meddela att jag just läst klart Ozzy-boken, och tro't eller ej; den berör hur Led Zeppelin startade!

Om inte Zeppelin funnits så hade tydligen INTE Iommi skrivit så tunga riff. Sug på den, så inserr man hur influerande Zeppelin har varit... :)

Dessutom: Stones, jag ska knata upp på vinden i helgen och se vilka vinylskatter som döljer sig.
Skickar ett mejl sen...

Thetania said...

Jo, den är tung!

Oj jag är jätte nyfiken på denna bok :)
Aha det visste jag inte om Iommi,
hm..Jag vill vinna den :)


Stones said...

Otroligt bra val, mycket fin låt detta.

Chief, det ser jag verkligen fram emot.