Saturday, 6 February 2010

Thåström - Långtbort

Thåström is out on tour and this weekend stop is Stockholm and the Venue called Annexet. Its a 2 night show. When Thåström play live i usally go there to watch or work, this time it was only for pleasure. Thåström is always good live and this time it wasn't something out of ordinary, it was very good, a nice mix of great tunes was played so i got pleased.

My friday was one hell of a day.
First I was home working with my sick daughter,
then I drow and picked up my wife and then home to eat a bit,
fast ride to Fryshuset for a quick stop to do preperement on
tomorrows show there; Billy Talent, then quick quick to the next thing
to do a spotlight gig for 2 hrs, then It was quick ride to Annexet to see
Thåströms last 4 songs and final tune he played is todays Tune of the day. :)

Today I woke up at 7 to get Mr Talent show on the stage :) and will be there
until 03:00 I guess hehe

Todays tune is take from his record "Kärlek är för dom" and its his 6th solo album. The album was released 13/3 2009. The record also topped the Swedish Album list 20/3 2009 (same day as Thåströms 52-yearsday).

"Långtbort" is a half-slow piece in a typically Thåström way, enjoy!

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