Friday, 12 February 2010

Throwdown - Holy Roller

Friday again, this week just flew by and i wonder what have i done, well something has been done. Been a bit quiet on the musical scene (workwise) this week (did a quickie with a Swedish band called Kent no much but still some, they did a small rehearsal week and moving off next week to a bigger place to practice for the upcoming tour, i will do some report on it later on, Thetania was off doing Jonas Gardell again), there is a few bands that plays tonight, but no, not this time, this weekend will be full of social things anyway, some work i need to finish up for some friends, family etc etc so this weekend will go in a sec as usual. Got a tip from a friend, (Cheif Rebel Angel at Metalyze) about a band that suite the last days line up for Tune Of The Day. So why not continue. Thanks Cheif.

Throwdown is an American straight edge hardcore / metal band from Orange County, California, formed in 1997. Throwdown is a kick out stomping metal band with guys like Dave Peters (vocals), Mark Choiniere (guitar), Mark Mitchell (bass) who's deliver some really tightly hardcore, with a influences of bands like Pantera, Machine Head, and Sepultura. Its fast, brutal and passionate aggressive music. Throwdown are also know for their mosh pits :)

Todays tune is "Holy Roller" is taken from Throwdown fifth album "Venom & Tears" - 2007, Enjoy!

More info at Throwdown's Official Website or at MySpace

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Hey - nice! :)
Glad you liked the tip...

Thetania said...

Im glad to :-D
This was a great tip,
Never heard ´em but this was
hard and peculiar, just as I like it :p