Thursday, 11 February 2010

Baroness - A Horse Called Golgotha

Baroness is a progressive metal band from Savannah, Georgia, USA whose members grew up together in Lexington, Virginia. Baroness formed in 2003, founded by former members of the punk/metal band Johnny Welfare and the Paychecks.

Singer John Baizley creates the artwork for all Baroness albums, and has done artwork for other bands and labels such as Darkest Hour, The Red Chord, Vitamin X, Sounds of the Underground tour, Kylesa, Daughters, Torche, Pig Destroyer, and the Magrudergrind/Shitstorm split grindcore CD on Robotic Empire. And i must say he is just amazing, love his work.

Baroness will be supporting Mastodon in their US headlining tour starting off in April. Later this month they will travel to Australia to do some gigs with Faith No More, Jane's Addiction, AFI and Meshuggah and the its a few stops in Japan in mars.

About the "Blue Record" as this is a "Sister" record for the 2007 "Red Album", this record is a bit different than the previous, this one got more "Go" even if some tunes have the similar flow, this is a brilliant album as you can hear some many great influences that Baroness really take care of, you got John Baizley’s psychedelic lyrics, great harmonies, brilliant melodies and well done riffs. "Blue Record is an instantly-classic album"

Todays tune "A Horse Called Golgotha" taken from the 'Blue Record' It’s heavy tune, catchy and complex. Enjoy!

More info @ Baroness at MySpace
John Dyer Baizley Art at MySpace or Album Artwork by John Dyer Baizley


Chief Rebel Angel said...

Grym låt! Mycket bra val! :)

Stones said...

Tack, det är ett grymt band!