Friday, 19 February 2010

David Bowie - Starman

After almost a week with some really hard stuff on this blog i guess it's time to slow things down, the 45 rpm records and now turn down to 33 rpm. Today i got a bit off a flashback, was thinking of a festival back in the days that called Lollipop and a band that was playing there who send out giant air balloons in the audience, a little same as Metallica did when they was out touring the last time. This artist was David Bowie and voila i had a tune in my head, so why not share it :) The tune was "Starman" David Bowie do not need any introduction as he is well known so i will talk more about the tune it self.

"Starman" is a single that was released in April 1972. The song was a late addition to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.The lyrics describe Ziggy Stardust bringing a message of hope to Earth's youth through the radio, salvation by an alien 'Starman'. The music is in a nice pop rock tune with some acoustic guitar and a string arrangement. Some influences for the track are the T. Rex songs "Telegram Sam" and "Hot Love" Enjoy this piece!

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

...klassiskt, stilrent. Bowie, helt enkelt! :)