Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Midlake - Acts of Man

The lo-fi rock quintet Midlake was formed in Denton, Texas, in 2000 by a group of musicians who had attended the North Texas School of Music together: Paul Alexander (bass, keyboards), Eric Nichelson (keyboards, guitar), Eric Pulido (guitar, keyboards, background vocals), Tim Smith (vocals, keyboards, guitar), and Mckenzie Smith (drums).

Midlake is out on tour at moment and visit Stockholm and Debaser Medis for a show on Sunday. I wasn't there this time but the gig got great reviews in todays paper so i thought i might bring this band in to Tune Of The Day. The gig on Debaser was sold out. I have been listen to Midlake's music on Spotify and what i can tell about it is that its beautiful vocals, clean instrumentation, well played folk with nice compositions. The vocals is a little bit to sorrowful and sad for me.

Acts of Man is the first single from the album The Courage of Others. It was released in December 2009 and was pressed on 12" 180g vinyl. The record was limited to 500 copies and was only sold through selected indie record stores. Enjoy it!

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