Monday, 22 February 2010

Combichrist - Electrohead

Born from the metal and hardcore soul of Norway, Combichrist is the brainchild of Andy LaPlegua. Thats the topic of the biography by the band. As you probably notice yesterday when the tune was for Rammstein and their show on saturday the opening act on this tour is Combichrist. I saw part of this set and it was kinda interesting, not that i am into this kind of music, but hell, they delivered some real industrial electro metal and they can make some noise. The band is based on a drummer, percussionist, keyboards and a singer. The show at the globe together with Combichrist was dirty, filthy, heavy and black surrounded with great ground beats, looked very cool and sounded good. Combichrist is a US based band except from the band leader Andy who is from Norway.

Todays tune "Electrohead" taken from "What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?" released 2007, the video is filmed LIVE at the Tele-Club in Ekateringburg, Russia on March 8, 2009.

The Original Video

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