Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Haunted - All Against All

This band comes from Sweden, Gothenburg as so many metal band.
Seems like Gothenburg Breath Metal and Trash Metal. :-D

(I think there is a Canadian band also named
The Haunted but this is
definitely not that band.)

They started up in 1996.
The members back then were Patrik Jensen
(also member of Witchery) on guitar, Jonas Björler on bass,
Adrian Erlandsson on drums, Anders Björler on guitar.
The Vocalist Peter Dolving joined in 1997.

Both of the Björler brothers and Erlandsson were
members of seminal melodic death metal
band At the Gates, as we showed u yesterday.

Here is one of the Björler brothers

Later on Erlandsson quitted and a Danish
drummer named Per Möller Jensen begun.

The sound is a bit diffrent but very close
to At The Gates, and I like it a lot.

They are confirmed as support for the
European club shows with SLAYER this summer.

I choosed a tune from the album Revolver
or rEVOLVEr released 2004.

Im not gonna write for ever lets see em :-D

Cheers, Dudettes and Dudes

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