Monday, 7 September 2020

Blues Pills - Holy Moly!

Monday, time to present "Record Of The Week".

"Holy Moly!" is the return of the Swedish rockers BLUES PILLS.

Since 2011, guitarist Zack Anderson and vocalist Elin Larsson have navigated this psychedelic infused blues band. With four acclaimed full-length albums, a hand full singles, a few EPs, and a huge amount of live shows and have stepped forward and become visible to the international stage.

"Holy Moly!" is created in Närke, Sweden, released August 21, 2020 (Nuclear Blast Records), and contains 11 solid tunes with a pleasant playing time of 41 mins. "Holy Moly!" have a wonderful mix of rockers. All from the album opener and the ladies’ anthem "Proud Woman", a big stomper that shows the skills of the band. A big bunch of rockers with a big attitude like "Kiss My Past Goodbye", the groovy and sharp "Low Road", the raw and fuzzy "Rhythm In The Blood" and "Dreaming My Life Away" is pure and well crafted classic hard rockers. The Aretha Franklin blues-rocker "Bye Bye Birdy" is raw, dirty, and intense that it makes it impossible to not wave your head and let your hair follow the rhythm. There are a few soulful moments with some laidback blues rockers, like the vocally impressive "Dust", the love song "California", the loveful "Wish I’d Known", "Longest Lasting Friend" and the ballad "Song From a Mourning Dove" where Elin's voice just shines like a diamond. I'm very impressed that they once again made an amazing album that is so groovy and well made. Highly recommended!

Sum: Holy Moly!, are no less than formidable psychedelic blues-rock.

My "glow in the dark" vinyl of "Holy Moly!"

Band Members: 
Elin Larsson – vocals, backing vocals 
Zack Anderson – guitar 
André Kvarnström – drums 
Kristoffer Schander – bass

Today's tune "Kiss My Past Goodbye" is taken from "Holy Moly!", enjoy!

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