Monday, 14 September 2020

Gaupa - Feberdröm

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week".

Another Swedish act to step up to the throne.

Swedish female-fronted stoner act GAUPA (lynx in Swedish) continues breaking new ground with their unique blend of doom, psychedelia, and folk. Hot on the tail of their highly revered self-titled debut, their new full-length album "Feberdröm". That the album has been a bit overshadowed, slipped behind in the pile of all album releases is a bit sad, because this is incredibly good and I can not just let this disappear in the noise. GAUPA is hailing from Falun, Sweden.

Approximately two years after the release of their self-titled EP that you can read about here when we first discovered GAUPA and the song "The Drunk Autopussy Wants To Fight You".

"Feberdröm" contains eight killer tunes that containing forceful tempos, surreal lyrics, an energetic Emma Näslund that mesmerizes us with her diverse range of vocal harmonies that partly reminds me of Björk. I just love her voice, her way of performing the poetic lyrics they have in such a way that she does, cemented with primordial pondus that sounds a bit crazy and insane, but it gives a dreamy shimmer with an incredibly soulful and beautiful touch along with a sound of progressive stoner rock with doom/folk/psychedelic influences as well as epic soundscapes colored with pitch-black melancholy.

The album opens up with the riff-heavy "Vakuum" which directly gives a clue to what to come. With a half pace, rhythm and a galloping bass give the tune a great pulse along with Daniel and David cleaver guitars. Simply a brilliant start of a great album. "Where Emperors Grow" goes in a more progressive rhythm scale, a marvelous piece that shows their musicianship is just magical. "Hjulet" is a more laidback piece with a memorable melody. The guitar folkish rocker "Grycksbo Gånglåt" gives a great Swedish touch on the album. This is followed by the doomish "Mjölksyra", a bit thicker and heavier than the previous tunes, the vocals almost caresses the heavy layout they layout. It also includes a gorgeous guitar pick. The big and groovy "Alfahonan (Shooting Blanks)" is a great choice of route. While "Totemdjur" hits a higher gear with groovy rhythms and distinct vocals. The album closes with "Klarvaken", a beautiful and powerful piece that slowly progresses, and the whispering vocals end with an anxious and almost terrifying summons that gives the chills. GAUPA let your thoughts wander through their surreal tails of sadness and joy. This is an excellent album and considered as a debut album, absolutely brilliant.

In addition to Emma, ​​the band consists of David Rosberg (guitar, percussion, vocals), Daniel Nygren (guitar, vocals), Erik Sävström (bass) and Jimmy Hurtig (drums, percussion).

Sum: "Feberdröm" is an exceptional debut full-length.

Here is my vinyl of this beauty! 

Check out today's tune and you will get my drift. "Feberdröm" was recorded in Falun and Borlänge, Sweden 2019. Cover artwork and layout by Ekaterina Kretiv.

Vinyl can be ordered here:

Today's tune "Vakuum" is taken from the second album "Feberdröm", released April 3, 2020, enjoy!

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