Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Thåström - Axel Landqvists Park

Last week I got a chance to see Thåström live again, this was probably the fiftyeleven time. Have actually lost count. But it does not matter for this time it was fucking fantastic, what a gig, quite incredible, thank you "Brenge". Joakim ”Pimme” Thåström only gets better the older he gets. The sound was brilliant, thank you Björn Lehnberg, the light was a beautiful, thank you Morgan Brown. The choice of tracks was very good. But in the end happened something strange, the Swedish poet Bruno K. Öijer enters and makes two poetic number that is very odd.

Foto: Matthias Flodström

Thåströms Scandinavian tour ends on 18 April, when it ends in Helsinki. If you get hold of a ticket, do not talk about where you store it. This tour is hardvalue ticketwise, and what you will see is Thåström at the peak of his career. It does not get better than this.


1. Beväpna dig med vingar
2. Kärlek är för dom
3. Miss Huddinge-72
4. Dansbandssångaren
5. Aldrig nånsin komma ner
6. Nere på maskinisten
7. … ingen neråtsång
8. Smaken av dig
9. Kriget med mig själv
10. Främling överallt
11. Axel Landquist park
12. Låt dom regna
13. Kort biografi med litet testamente
14. En vacker död stad
15. St Ana Katedral
16. Samarkanda

1:st Encore:

17. Fanfanfan
18. Du ska va president

2:nd Encore:

19. Rock´n roll e död
20. Sønder Boulevard

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