Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Owe Thörnqvist - Gun Från Dragarbrunn

Owe Thörnqvist (born 12 March 1929 in Uppsala) is a Swedish troubadour, revue artist and songwriter. Since the 1960s he has lived in Spain and Florida in the winter for health reasons, and in Sweden in the summers. He has also made regular concert tours in Sweden.
In 1953, Thörnqvist produced his first revue in Uppsala, and in 1955 his first record was released. His musical style spans over both rock, rumba and calypso, and he has also written pastiches of American popular music; his texts are characterised by word play and humour.
Thörnqvist was one of the first people to do stand-up comedy in Sweden, in venues such as Hamburger Börs and Berns in Stockholm in the 1950s. He has worked together with artists such as Povel Ramel (in the revue I hatt och strumpa in 1961-62), Anita Lindblom, Lill Lindfors and Eva Rydberg. In 2004, Thörnqvist received H. M. The King's Medal in the 8th size for his many contributions to Swedish culture as a songwriter, singer and composer. He has also received the Evert Taube prize (Evert Taube-stipendiet) and the Cornelis Vreeswijk prize (Cornelis Vreeswijk-stipendiet). Owe is also know as the first Swedish Rockking! Owe Thörnqvist recorded and released his first rock song - "Diverse Julboogie" he called it - in 1955!

This Sunday appeared Owe at a sold-out Rival here in Stockholm, that this so-resilient 82-year-old, still can walk and also manages to tear off its entire catalog and also be on stage and show off the entire 3 hours is fucking incredible. The fact that this man knows his business, is absolutely no doubt it, he has a unique contact with the audience, an audience where almost everybody knows all the lyrics and it shows sometimes in spontaneous singing, also he likes to play with his audience with both singing, arm in arm and charades are a joy to watch.

It is a tortuous and checkered journey with a very interesting story that is mixed with a lot of humor. Like when he says that Sven Ingvar made a megahit by a "Ett litet rött paket"(small red packet). "I stayed home and counted Stim-money."

Owe did illustrations for some of their songs before his 70th birthday party in 1999.

Todays tune is Gun från Dragarbrunn, a single that was recorded 10th of april 1959.

Here is a clip from 2009

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Hehehe... skön spridning på låtarna nu! :)

Stones said...

Haha verkligen, kul med lite variation.