Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Entombed - I For An Eye

The Winter has come here seen and heard clearly, the subway is delayed, the buses are running late, SJ stuck, now is the winter regime restored.

Today we check out a nice Swedish band that can liven up life a bit now when hell breaks out in Stockholm. This much because I was a little influenced when a colleague kicked a contest for Entombed hat to keep your head warm in winter. Why not take the chance to participate and compete on this eminent cap in fashion color black, adorned with the logo from no less than Entombed! The hat is of course unused and in the size of "one-size-fits-all".
So, how do you do? Easy. You commented in this post, and answer the following question:
Which is Entombed's best album, and why? The contest is open through Friday, so you do not have that much time on you!

Entombed is a Swedish metal band that formed out of the band Nihilist 1989. The debut album Left Hand Path was released 1990.

Entombed was one of the early pioneers of Scandinavian death metal. In recent years the band has gone further and further away from this style to a more rock-oriented sound. The death metal band that played at the beginning was in contrast to the so-called "Gothenburg sound," which primarily represented by bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates, and many U.S. bands
who have been inspired by these groups (eg Black Dahlia Murder).

The leading members of the band are Alex Hellidens - Guitar (Nihilist), Lars-Goran Petrov (LG) - Song (CMEA, Morbid, Nihilist and The Project Hate), Olle Dahlstedt - Drums (Misery Loves Company, Alpha Safari), Nico Elgstrand - Guitar & Victor Brandt - Bass (Total Fucking Darkness, Satyricon)

Many of Stockholm's metal musicians have at one time or another played with the band.

Entombed style of music can be divided into four periods: early Swedish Death Metal (1990-1994); one is still hard, but more rock-based sound (1994-1997), experimental metal (1997) and dirty punk-death (1998 -).

Entombed has had an enormous impact on the Swedish metal over the years. They where part in laying the foundations for the Swedish death metal and later led the development of further.

Today's Tune Of The Day is "I for an Eye" taken from the seventh full-length album "Morningstar", which is , which was released on 3 September 2001 by Music For Nations.

More info @ Official Entombed Website

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Hey, excellent choice of song!
However, we all know that the best song on that album is... Chief Rebel Angel! :)

Thx för the promo anyhow. See you on Airbourne tonight?

Fredrik said...

Sound like slayer... Good song. I think I will listen to this album today. 8)

Stones said...

@Chief, Yes its a excellent song and a cool video. :)

About Airbourne, would be fun to go but i don't think i can made it as my wife is working tonight.

@Fredrik, yes it's a great one. The hole album is excellent, you will love it.