Thursday, September 16, 2010

Robert Plant - Angel Dance

Robert Plant is back with a new album "Band Of Joy" is a collection of covers and traditional songs. When Led Zeppelin was formed'm Robert Plant and John Bonham was in a psychedelic folk band called the Band of Joy. But when the Plant is now lending it name to the title of his new album, it's nostalgia of an entirely different nature. I haven't listen to enough to be able to comment it or give a review, but so far it sounds great.

The new lineup of Band Of Joy includes: Patty Griffin on vocals; Darrell Scott on multiple instruments and vocals; Byron House on bass and vocals; Marco Giovino on drums, percussion and vocals; and co-producer Buddy Miller on guitar and vocals.

Todays tune "Angel Dance" is the first single release from the new album "Band of Joy" that was released on September 13, 2010.

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2 kommentarer:

Steve Sauer said...

Great tune. I recently made it Song of the Week on my website. Click here for some more background info on it: Did you know the song was written by members of Los Lobos?

Also, I was just able to get an album review up yesterday. You can check that out too:

Stones said...

Yes Steve, its a great tune.
Yeah its a great cover of Los Lobos, but to be honest i didn't knew that they had wrote the tune. So thanks for that info.
And thanks for the visit.