Saturday, September 18, 2010

Europe - Superstitious

The band Europe play´d yesterday at the amusement
park Gröna Lund in Stockholm.
I took some pictures on it, but they eint really perfect as their were too many
people in the audience to go through so I stayed mainly on the side :)

I became a Europe fan when they 2004 released "Start from the dark"
I was thrilled and astonished!

After that, Europe did 2 more albums Secret Society and Last look at Eden.
Both are very good.

I worked as a stagehand and fire guard on the roof.
They had big bomb on the roof.
This is a picture from the roof :)

The pyro guy was David Wallin.
He did a smashing good job!
David is also drummer in the band Pain, one of Peter Tägtgrens project band, :)

Joe Tempest felled a bit when he was running around on the stage,
this picture below was slightly after, with the Pm beside him, in case of. :)

The set list was as following (the dots are the Big Booom on the roof)

This was Europe last show on their Festival summer.
They will do some gig in South America later on this fall.
In February they will go to UK.

Thier guitarist John Norum has always been a favorite of mine,
he recently did a solo album, (I have no idea how he had the time
doing it due to their huge amount of gigs they done this year)
Its called "Play Yard Blues" really Hendrix blues :)

Another guy that I love for his humor is Ian Haugland that came onto
the band in 1986, playd the drums with them from The Final Countdown
and still are. He is also doing radio shows in Stockholm at a
program called Rock Klassiker and he does it gooood!

This tune comes from Out of This World and that was released in 1988.
The biggest hit from the album was "Superstitious" which peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 9 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks.

This is the tune that hooked me on Europe "Start from The dark".
Its great on the sound but crappy in sight, enjoy!
Peace Thetania

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