Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ozzy Osbourne - Fearless

Ever since my first album of Black Sabbath in my youth, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Im hooked on hard rock and metal and after that album I soon bought the one´s b4 that.

Today I wrote a review on Ozzy´s Scream album I gave it very high scores,
on the Swedish Metal blog http://metalyze.blogspot.com/.

I completely adore Ozzy and his band specially his guitarist Gus G
or Kostas Karamitroudis as his real name is. He guitar playing is very
much what I think a great guitar player could do, but better than that.
Its a mix of 70´s, 80´s and today´s playing and he mix it gorgeously.

Im in the end of the book "I Am OZZY" its a hilarious trip through his life
from child to present time. I have to show u a part that really show
how Ozzy is sometimes. He talks about a person he learn to trust on
the Blizzard of Ozz tour, his name is Tony Dennis.

"He was a little Geordie bloke who kept turning up to the gigs every night,
without fail. It was the middle of winter, but all he´d wear over his T-shirt was
this little jeans jacket. He must have frozen his nuts off when he was queuing
up to get in. He came to so many shows I ended up letting him in for free, even though I couldn´t understand a fucking word he said.
It was all "Why-eye, y´nah. Tuhni I-uhmi, haweh man, lyke"
For all I knew, he could have been calling me a count.
Anyway, we were in Canterbury, and it was minus five or something,
and I asked him "How do you get around, Tony?"
he said "I just hitch-hike man"
"And were do you sleep?"
"Train stations. Telephone boxes. Ahl awa place, y´nah?"
Ozzy said, "I tell you what, If you take care of the bags for us, we´ll get you a room." And he been with me ever since, has Tony. He´s like a family member a great guy, and he´s so efficient, it´s amazing. Nothing´s ever too much trouble for him, and I trust him completely."

Thats is sooo awesome! Ozzy really opens up in this book.
Even his dumb-ass things that he have done, it gave me a bigger understanding
of him. And I do understand and think that Sharon did a great job as
his manager and his wife!!!
One thing is for sure I DONT LIKE THE PRESS!!!!!
Many artists and other big persons or sutch, the press just smack down
with their lies. Really indecent, reminds me of a school girl that was a slander,
nothing good just shit about the person.

I can really recommend u all to read the book and buy the album both are awesome!

Ozzys band looks like this now days:
Ozzy Osbourne on vocals and production
Gus G on guitars
Rob "Blasko" Nicholson on bass
Tommy Clufetos on drums, percussion
Adam Wakeman on keyboards

Dude and Dudettes, let me present my music god, OZZY!

Peace folks, Thetania

A video of making the album Scream.

Wanna know more? Look at: www.ozzy.com/us/home

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