Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pretty Maids - Little Drops Of Heaven

Pretty Maids are a Danish heavy metal band from Horsens, Denmark. Formed in 1981 by Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer. Their sound and music can be described as classic guitar-laden heavy rock with a strong emphasis on melodic elements like vocals and keyboards.

Pretty Maids with almost 30 years of a musical career, now they are back with the latest release and 12th album "Pandemonium". The new album is a great melodic hardrockin album. The songs are solid and they are well written, very fresh and straight. The vocals have a great feeling and is very strong and powerful. The album opens up very strong and heavy and so it will continue, the album have a good feeling and the tunes are very catchy, surrounded with well constructed melodic guitar riffs, thunderous fat sound and pompous keyboards. The latest album release shows that Pretty Maids haven't grown soft with age.

Todays tune "Little Drops Of Heaven" is the first single/video from this new album and is a cool mid-range rocker with a very "commercial" chorus.

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