Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Seether - Breakdown

A new video came out today, kinda creative one :p

Seether is a South-African rock band from Johannesburg,
South Africa, formed in 1999.
I saw them the first time when Amy-lee did "Broken" with em.
Good band, I like his voice..

To date they have sold 5 million albums worldwide.
The set up right now is:
Shaun Morgan – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, occasional bass (since 1999)
Dale Stewart – Bass guitar, backing vocals, occasional rhythm guitar(since 2000)
John Humphrey – drums (since 2004)
Troy McLawhorn – lead guitar (since 2008)

This tune is from Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (2007)
But the video just been laid out on youtube today :D
Thought I show u a bit :)
and by the way, the cover artwork on this album was designed by David Ho.

Enjoy Dudettes and Dudes!

Cheers, Thetania

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