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Ace Frehley - Cold Gin

Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley (born April 27, 1951) is an American guitarist best known as an original member and lead guitarist for the rock band Kiss. He took on the persona of "The Spaceman" when the band adopted costumes and theatrics. Frehley played with the group from its inception in 1973 until his departure in 1982. And he rejoined Kiss in 1996 for a highly successful reunion tour and back again in 2002 for the band's Farewell Tour.

In between is has worked on his solo career. And a few months ago he released his latest album Anomaly. Ace is currently embarking on a world tour, first in Japan and Australia and now in Europe. He visit Debaser 2 days ago for a soldout show. It was an interesting evening. Ace was one and a half hours late on stage, the paper was calming that he wanted to sleep before the show but in fact it was his wife who had got sick, anyway Ace did arrive, he made his meet and greet before the show, went on stage and did a pretty good show after all. Ace have had a very tough life with a lot of drugs and alcohol and other shit, he is getting old but he can still rock. The set list was mixed with his solo tunes, old kiss tunes and some new stuff from his latest album. Tunes as Parasite, Snowblind, 2000 man, Fox on the run, N.Y. Groove, Deuce, Rip it out, Cold Gin and Love Gun and more was in the setlist. There is so much to tell about this evening, but if i continue it will probably be a hole book :) And there is one thing that i will regret for rest of my life, but thats is another story.

Todays tune "Cold Gin" was written by guitarist Ace Frehley and sung by bassist Gene Simmons and it featured on Kiss debut album in 1974. Ace Frehley noted "I wrote "Cold Gin" in a New York subway, in my head, both lyrics and music. I had a spiral notebook with me. I never took a guitar lesson, nobody believes that. I didn't realize it was gonna become a Kiss classic."

"Cold Gin" was also covered by the alternative metal group Disturbed at a one time tribute show to Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. It was known to be the guitarist's favorite song. The live performance was performed with members of Drowning Pool and Anthrax live on stage, featuring David Draiman on vocals. Vinnie Paul was on drums.

Pantera and Skid Row performed the song together live while the bands were on tour together in 1992. The performance was taped and included on Pantera's 2000 home video, 3 Vulgar Videos from Hell. Death Angel covered the song on their 1988 album Frolic Through the Park.

Ace Frehley - Cold Gin live 'Rock Horse' Asbury NJ 6th November 1992.

Here is a All-Star Jam doing the "Cold Gin" • Ride For Dime 2009 featuring Ace Frehley of KISS, Aaron Lewis of Staind, Phil Demmel of Machine Head and bobzilla of Damageplan. A tribute for Dime.

Here is Skid Row featuring Ace Frehley doing the tune "Cold Gin"

Last video is with KISS, performing "Cold Gin" Live In Rio 1983

Photo by Jesper Frisk

More info @ Ace Frehley Official Website

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