Thursday, 9 April 2009

Titiyo - Stumble To Fall

Titiyo Yambalu Felicia Jah (born July 23, 1967) is a Swedish pop singer and
songwriter. She has been awarded four Swedish Grammys.

Titiyo was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to Amahdu Jah, a Sierra
Leonean drummer, and Maylen Bergström. Her older half-sister
is singer Neneh Cherry, and she is half-sister to Eagle-Eye Cherry.

In spring 2008, Titiyo was asked to contribute vocals to Kleerup's single
"Longing for Lullabies." Released in April 2008 in Scandinavia, the single
has since reached the top 20 in Denmark and top 10 in Sweden.
Titiyo released her fifth album, Hidden, on the Swedish independent label
Sheriff late 2008. The album mainly feature self-penned material but also
results of collaborations with the likes of Kleerup, Moto Boy, and
Goran Kajfes of Oddjob.

Yesterday Titiyo gave a show @ Debaser/Stockholm.
Its was a nice set up off blue things and a few birches floating on the stage
and the some nice drapes in blue. The lights was blue and the extra effekt
lights was blue :) This year Titiyo is celebrating 20 years as an artist and she
really impress. The introduction was magnifico and unexpected.
Titiyo started with "X" with closed eyes sitting in a chair, all dress in blue and
black with a little bird in her hair. She goes thru songs like Gnome, Lullabies,
Misunderstood, Standby beauty, Mud. "Stumble to Fall" was freaking cool live,
like a huge trip to the Neverland a real psychedelic tune live.
"If only your bed could cry" she did together with Moto Boy. She freaks out
a little into some free-jazz with all her musical accessories she has.

Tomorrow she will perform @ Debaser / Malmö, so if you guys live around there,
go and she her. Its a wonderful musical trip.

Anyway its time for todays tune is from her latest album "Hidden" and its
called "Stumble to Fall". Enjoy!

More info @ Official website or Titiyo @ Myspace

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