Sunday, 5 April 2009

D-A-D - Sleeping My Day Away

More D-A-D, as promised i will deliver a classic one, i could say that this is the biggest tune they have "Hit list Vise"
Its a great tune indeed.

And i was lucky to have some time over to get a few shots during that night.
Its with my pocket camera so not the best quality.

Stig's bass guitars only have two strings, some even only one string. Stig designs his own bass guitars based on his own ideas and imagination. I really like the rocket one, its so far out as it can be.

And yes the band closed their live performance with the song It's After Dark. As they usally do.
And yes, D-A-D is in very good shape and sounds great live so dont miss them.

Todays tune is from Roskilde Festival .01.07.2005

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